words are abstract. they aren’t tangible, yet, they resonate and have a profound impact on our day to day lives.

on a regular basis, i write (type) an incredible number of words.

an example, is right above this sentence, right below this sentence and another is this sentence.

words could be verbal, written and or even demonstrated.

here is another example.

var z = x !== y ? “x doesn’t equal y!” : “x is equal to y!”

that’s a ternary expression in javascript. it’s not exactly a sentence. but i think it has the same impact as any other set of ‘words’ might. it conveys an idea. a thought (process). a logically conclusion to a situation. an intended result.

words, yo. crazy.



are difficult to string together. i have so many unpublished drafts. it’s pretty wild. so, i’ll publish this one.

quotes and shit

so i decided i want to keep a rolling compilation of the funniest sayings my friends say. here is one of them.

“gian is teaching me about the brotherhood of the swole”

i legit lol’ed at that. especially coming from who it did.. but i’ll keep the people anonymous, heh.

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there is a huge snowstorm and i’m trapped in a hotel in VA. but, it’s not so bad. the bed is comfortable. the heater works. i have more pillows than i know what to do with and there’s a houlihans connected to the hotel. so, all in all, nothing to complain about. i will say, it’s not a very conducive to work.

after “work”, i ended up hitting up the hotel fitness center. i did about 20 minutes of cardio and then did some weight lifting. when i say weight lifting.. i really mean rehab. back in january i decided it was a smart idea go off a jump (snowboarding) with the intention of overshooting a landing pad and destroy my shoulder. alright, destroy is a little excessive. i dislocated my shoulder, partly tore my rotator cuff and ended up with some micro fractures in my humerus. it’s actually not as bad as it sounds. what is bad is how painfully slow the healing process is. but, i digress. it will heal and i’ll be back to stronger than ever.

anyways, to avoid driving in the continuing storm, i ended up ordering some food at houlihans. i went down stairs, walked up to the bar and waited for the bartender. i was zoning out, staring blankly in front of me. but, for some reason my eyes landed on this older gentlemen. he was having dinner by himself. he had some sort of chicken dish, some bread, a cup of water and a glass of wine. thing was he was wasn’t moving. at first i was actually alarmed. i thought there was something wrong. but after a few seconds, i realized he was praying. he had his eyes closed. his hands tightly grasped together and a very calm and focused look on his face. after about 30 seconds. he opened his eyes. he took a moment and assessed the organization of his food then picked up his fork. i had a bunch of thoughts swirling in my head. i thought..

he’s probably catholic. or maybe christian. i wonder what he’s eating? what’s he doing here? why is he eating alone? i bet he has a lot of cool stories. i wonder what amazing things he’s done in life. i hope he doesn’t drive in this weather. i wonder if it would be weird if i sat down and just chatted with him. i could go for a glass of wine.

least to to say.. i was curious? maybe concerned. possibly intrigued. whatever the reason why, more than anything, i felt humbled. the steadfast habitual choice to pray before eating. maintaining manners and etiquette, while still just having dinner. taking things as they are and as they come. being earnest and consistent. i’m not sure how seeing an random older guy eat dinner for 45 seconds while waiting for my food felt so profound.. but it just did. yeah, super random. with that.. good night!


i don’t like sad or sensitive topics. i like to keep things lighthearted. so i’ll try to keep it that way.

i have had some mild depression going on for a few weeks now. i don’t think anyone knew, but that’s the way i prefer it. i generally do not have depression but it happens sometimes; in particular when i am injured. i knew it was coming, as i have experienced it before. it’s happened almost every time i had a fairly serious injury. but i guess it harder than i expected this time around. it’s been nearly 4 weeks since my injury and i still don’t have full range of motion nor anything close to my previous strength.

it’s pretty ironic, on my trip to massanutten i watched a movie with LM. it was about a person going through a bout of severe depression (which you later find out was.. spoiler haha). but i was amazed at how accurately the movie described depression. a poison-like fog just coming over and clouding your mind and your experiences. things you normally enjoy aren’t as enjoyable. things you would normally want to do become less appealing. it’s pretty interesting how drastically it changes a persons mind set.

but i digress.

it’s not serious. it’s mild. but i must say, it’s still not any less enjoyable. i’ll keep doing my PT. i’ll keep working hard. eventually things will go back to normal.

on the lightest note of this post.. it’s friday!! happy friday!

well, hi

i’m not a frequent writer but enjoy a writing a post from time to time. i generally write with some sort of theme or idea in  mind. however, today, will be rambling.

i’m 24 now. i had a beast birthday with my oh-so-beautiful girlfriend and company. the birthday dinner was… expensive. i got to try rabbit. i wasn’t a fan.

along with being 24, i am no longer eligible to play turkeybowl. damn, i’m old. but with that said, i ended my “career” with a 100% completion percentage.

i want to move out. i recently declined a job that would require me to move, but i don’t regret anything. on to the next opportunity.

i want to go somewhere. at the moment, i want to go snowboarding. i want to go flying down the mountain and drink water from my sweet new camelbak (thanks, jp!).

my new nexus 5 phone is a beast! massive upgrade from my last phone.

i wonder what it would be like if i got my ears pierced. i actual dreamt i had this sick tatoo on my left arm. i don’t remember the design.. but it was pure awesome.

i’m going to cali in january. HYPED!!

i’m going to visit my friend dc up north. who’s trying to go?

thinking about doing warrior dash. some people asked to join but i’m such a bum now. i use to work out regularly. not anymore! i say that without actual excitement. i got fat. blown.

secret: my girlfriend likes big arms. therefore, i lift arms more often than any other body part.

fact: my arms are still scrawny. super blown.

over thinking is dumb. simplicity brings about the most elegant solutions.

i ate a lot of (peruvian) chicken just now. i’m full but want something sweet.. or chex mix. kk and i have been talking about it on gchat. we both agree, chex mix is awesome.

i should get back to work now.

EDIT: i did not proofread this.. bring on the incoherence.